10th-12th June, 2019 Zanzibar, Tanzania.

3DNEUROANATOMY & APPROACHES TO THE VASCULAR SYSTEM. Aneurysms, AVMs & Anterior/Middle Skull Base Lesions”

Organized by 3DN & NED Foundation and approved by COSECSA (the College of surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa)



Program Objectives.

To provide neurosurgical trainees a teaching program center with Stereoscopic 3D technology that permits obtaining confidence to perform standard operative approaches and practical experience in developing technical skills in training models. It is directed specifically to all residents and young neurosurgeons of low and medium income economy countries.

Organized by 3DN & NED Foundation and approved by COSECSA (the College of surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa)


The intensive program is designed to provide wide opportunities for:

• didactic lectures and cases discussions

• unique 3-D video demonstrations of anatomy and operative approaches

• 3D surgical videos

• Hands-on training model


Monday 10th June 2019

Welcome and course overview

Vascular Surgery MODULE 1. Aneurysms

Development of the vascular system and its surgical relevance

Vascular anatomy of the human brain

Classification of the intracranial aneurysms & treatment options

Most common vascular approaches. Tips & tricks

1. Pterional

2. Interhemispheric

3. Subtemporal

4. Far lateral

Lunch break

How I do it session on aneurysms. 3D Anatomy & surgery

1. Anatomy of middle cerebral artery

2. Anatomy of posterior communicating artery

3. Anatomy of anterior communicating artery

4. Anatomy of ophthalmic artery

5. Anatomy of basilar bifurcation

6. Anatomy of posterior inferior cerebellar artery

7. Anatomy of distal anterior cerebral artery

Hands – On session on the vascular training model based on clinical scenarios

Tuesday 11th June 2019

Vascular Surgery MODULE 2. AVMs

AVM definition and angioarchitecture

General principles of AVMs surgery. When and how to treat them

AVM presentation and grading schemes

How I do it session on AVMs. Cases discussion & video presentations

1. Lobar AVMs. How to plan a craniotomy and approach the AVM

2. Sylvian and perimotor AVMs

3. Interhemispheric region AVMs

4. Posterior fossa AVMs

5. Cavernous malformations of the brain

6. Deep seated and giant cavernomas

7. Supra- Infra- for cavernomas

Lunch break

Skull Base MODULE 1. Orbit, Anterior & Middle Fossa

Anterior fossa compartments based on anatomical concepts

Anterior approaches. Medial compartment: olfactory groove, planum and tuberculum meningiomas

Orbit anatomy and surgical approaches

Anterolateral approaches. Lateral compartment & sphenoid wing meningiomas

Middle fossa anatomy and surgical approaches

Wednesday 12th June 2019

Skull Base MODULE 2. Sellar & Parasellar regions. Expanded approaches

Transsphenoidal microscopic approach to the sellar region. Anatomical understanding

Endoscopic approaches. Anatomy & surgery

Sub-Labial approach for pituitary tumours

Clinical concepts for pituitary surgery: indications, management and complications

Endoscopic approaches to the craniovertebral junction

Lunch break

Live surgeries & Cases discussion


Course Fee 50$ and includes:


    To the full activities of the course.

  • Course



    & refreshment breaks.

NED Foundation 3DN

Neuroanatomy Training Program

Vladimír Beneš
Vladimír BenešPresident of WFNS Neuroanatomy Committee
Professor & Chairman of Neurosurgery
Charles University. Prague. Czech Republic
Chandrashekar E Deopujari
Chandrashekar E DeopujariCo-Chairman of WFNS Neuroendoscopy Committee
Professor & Chairman of Neurosurgery
Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Sciences Bombay, India
Pablo González-López
Pablo González-LópezDirector of NED 3D Neuroanatomy Program
Hospital General Universitario Alicante, Spain
Mohammed Haji
Mohammed HajiMedical Coordinator
Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute
Said Idrissa
Said IdrissaChair of Neurosurgical Unit
Mnazi Mmoja Hospital
José Piquer
José PiquerDirector of Residency COSECS Program at Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute. Oversea Fellow COSECA
President of NED Foundation
Aamir Qureshi
Aamir QureshiConsultant Neurosurgeon & Coordinator of 3DNeuroanatomy Project in Africa
University of Cape Town CapeTown, South Africa
Mahmood Qureshi
Mahmood QureshiChairman of the Neurological Society of Kenya President-Elect, CAANS
Aga Khan University Hospital Nairobi. Kenya
Pedro Riesgo
Pedro RiesgoProfessor of Neurosurgery & Skull Base
Hospital Universitario de la Ribera Alzira, Spain




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