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Dear colleagues,

We feel pleased to inform you that the next April 2016 we will continue with the project we started 2 years ago, the 3D Neuroanatomy and Neurosurgical Approaches workshops. After succeeding with the ‘Cerebral intrinsic tumors, and sellar and parasellar approaches (2014)’ and ‘Brainstem intrinsic lesions and posterior fossa approches (2015)’, this year’s course is thought to review the current topics referred to the ‘Anterior and Middle Skull Base: Endoscopic and Microscopic Approaches (2016)’.

Our Neurosurgical Department has a wide tradition in education and training in the field of Neuroanatomy, collaborating every year with the Spanish and other Neurosurgery Societies in the education of residents and neurosurgeons from all over the world.

These sequence of courses will continue combining a theoretical part based on neuroanatomical dissections in a 3D cinema, with daily workshops where the different neurosurgical approaches will be interactively discussed in the laboratory through previously prepared anatomical specimens.

We want to take this chance to welcome you to the 3D Neuroanatomical community and to invite you to participate in our courses in Alicante.

3dneuroanatomy Team
Alicante, November 2015