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The Neurosurgery 3D Experience

Anatomy is essential for neurosurgical practice.

3D Neuroanatomy is a project that began a few years ago with the aim of sharing the neuroanatomical knowledge among participants. The practical application of this knowledge is essential for carrying out the neurosurgical procedures safely.

Huge 3D Neuroanatomy Community

Wide Tradition in Education and Training

Dissections in a 3D Cinema


Anatomy is the torch of the physician must inform its infancy.
Before trying to restore the lost nature, one must know the course it follows when it engages harmoniously with his movements, he must know what organs it uses for their execution, which establishes correspondences between them, what changes have occurred by the play of passions and progress of life.

Marc Antoine Petit, Anatomy and Surgery Courses Opening Speech. Hote Dieu de Lyon,
December 5th 1795

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